Special Guests presenting workshops & seminars at The cottage


About Candace:

empathic clairvoyant, who was psychically gifted as a young child, is a 30-year veteran of the art of mediumship, tarot and divination.  She is a certified evidential medium, through the internationally known School for Psychic Studies (formerly The Fox Center for Spiritual Awareness;) and has been featured in the Wilbraham-Hampden Times for her mediumship at an historical residence known for its supernatural activity.  Candace has performed at the Kozy Kabin Restaurant in Barre, Massachusetts, offering platform (aka gallery-style) mediumship shows.  In October 2014 and 2015, she was one of the featured psychic readers at Crow Haven Corner in Salem, Massachusetts.  Now featured House Reader at AvalonRose Cottage in Spencer.

Candace, a Certified Karuna Reiki Master, is an innate energetic healer, offering full range of Reiki services.  Her medical intuitive skills have attracted an ever-growing clientele base. 

Candace, a practicing Witch for twenty-five years, intertwines her psychic development, innate skills and craft to offer healing and spiritual guidance to others.

These classes were designed for beginner into the Art as well as a seasoned Practitioner seeking guidance along the journey.  For the Solitary or Coven based. 

You will learn the basics of WitchCraft in a British Magickal Tradition.

Techniques on Meditation & Visualizations; Creating Sacred Space; Creating Magickal Tools; Planetary Magick; Holidays & Moons; Herbs, Oils, Incense & Brews; Candle Magick and Cord Magick.  Presented by those Initiated into the Avalonian Tradition.

There are 9 classes with the introduction class starting on Saturday February 9th 6:30pm at AvalonRose Cottage. 

  $20 per class or $150 for all 9 Sessions

Space is limited.  Reserve your seat now.

Payment Options

due First Night of Class

The Fool’s Journey

Learn to Read the Tarot

Classes begin 11 January 2019

The Fool’s Journey, metaphor for the Journey Through Life.  The very first card in any tarot deck begins with “0” or The Fool.  We will be embarking on this journey with a discussion of the Major Arcana then proceed through the deck to explore the Minor Arcana.  Our final class will be learning the different spreads for divining the future.

These classes are designed for the person wanting to learn to read the tarot, may have a deck already but with no clue how to read them.  A Rider-Waite tarot deck; special abridged edition of Tarot for Dummies & Amber’s all-Purpose Tarot Spread Sheet included in Class Fee

5 Classes on Friday Nights 7:00 - 9:00pm

1st class 11 January 2019

$55 a class or 2 payments of $137.50 (1st payment due night of class] or  $275

Introduction Class on Saturday

9th February at 6:30pm