Class starts on Saturday

  11 January 2020

6pm until 8pm

Celtic Magick is presented as a beginners class with the exception of learning a Celtic Tradition to those that already have take the step onto the Craft of the Wise.  A Beginners Magick and an Awakening.  8 Sessions in all.  Each Session you will learn about Planetary Magick, Candle Magick, Incense, Oils & Brews, Wheel of the Year.

Hands on Sessions include how to’s like creating Knot Magick, Working with Herbs and Wand Making.  

You will learn about Sacred Space and Invoking the Elements.  Learn about Protection Rituals and why.

Learn a British Celtic Magick way of Study that will enrich your Spirit.  Taught by Experienced Witches in the Avalonian Celtic Magick Tradition.

Session Fees are $35 per session or $250 one time payment for all sessions payable on First Session.  Seating is limited.  This Class is only offered once a year at The Cottage.

Your Teacher

Lady Cindy HPs

Cindy Obrzut retired after 40 years in the Healing Arts as a Nurse.  A Practicing Witch for over 3 decades.  As well as a Reiki Master. With a love of reading the likes of Judika Illes, Dorothy Morrison, Marion Zimmer Bradley and many more.

Cindy has been involved in different Traditions and several covens.  Now finding  a home in the Avalonian Tradition of America.  Where she received her 3rd Degree High Priestess rank.

Cindy loves sharing her Magickal Experiences with others,  Getting Crafty for a Spell, she always has something in her bag.  She teaches with a passion for The Craft and willingness of sharing her Magickal Experiences.